Integrating healthcare with your lifestyle

Automate, Accelerate


Automation in healthcare is a concept that empowers the user to
monitor their healthcare data within a secure and safe ecosystem.


Digitizing Healthcare

Our goal is to make the healthcare industry go from paper-based to paperless! Creating a completely digitized ecosystem


Establishing Transparency

From record-keeping to billing to maintenance tracking, everything is accessible in a matter of seconds, with full transparency


Enriching Quality

Through digitization, we are ensuring the best quality healthcare that benefits everyone on an immense scale


Automation For Doctors

Our services include a doctors portal where they can enable faster data retrieving, quick billing, and overall acting as the best virtual medical assistant. As we are going paper-free, the doctors will manage the patient data, make prescriptions, make future appointments which will increase efficiency and save time.

Automation for Patients

Carrying bundles of medical files is always a hassle and for that, we came up with a more convenient solution. The patients can log into a portal where they can safe-keep and monitor their medical information. The patient can provide the doctors their medical profile easily. So you can say GOOD-BYE to those heavy files!


Managing Hospital Administration

Automation enables healthcare providers to give better services. Using the power of AI and machine learning, all of the crucial administrative tasks and information will be incorporated into one ecosystem. Say hello to the fastest data management system which ensures security, less manpower and more productivity!

Our services


Healthcare Application: Daisy

Medical personnel can manage hundreds of patient data thanks to our healthcare application Daisy.


Appointment Management Website

Through our website, patients can make appointments with their particular doctors from anywhere in the world.


Mobile Application: Patients

Our upcoming application will make it easier for a to schedule healthcare appointments.


Cloud based Management System

Cloud based storage allows ease of access, management & better security of your data


Facility Management

Our application helps a facility maintain inventory control over medical supplies and equipment to ensure peak output.


Lab and Pharmacy Management

As our upcoming goals, we are going to provide services to lab and pharmaceutical facilities in order to maintain the product management.


Our Vision

As our main motto is “Automate, Accelerate,” we aim to be a leading force in helping companies to accelerate their business processes, especially in the healthcare system using Machine Learning and AI.


Our Mission

We believe in teamwork, integrity and innovation. With a strong focus on creating and realizing client value along with maintaining accountability and transparency in business, we work on providing sustainable solutions using automation.